In several years of practice, we have already realized numerous design variations and with them, developed a whole lot of standard solutions and discovered special solutions. And if all that does not fit, we will also be glad to develop a system absolutely for your individual needs because there’s no such thing as “doesn’t work”. The following is a brief overview of the major components of our rail lubrication systems.

The central element of every track lubrication device is the installation core. In addition to the control of the hydraulic system, it includes the drive and the grease storage mechanism. For every facility, you can choose between two construction forms and four design variations:

  • Standard construction form
    The installation core is placed in direct proximity to the lubrication path.
  • Construction form Bus system
    The installation core can be placed up to 120 m away from the lubrication path. In this construction form, several lubrication paths can be operated with just one installation core.
  • Cabinet design with one or two grease storage mechanism