Rail head wetting system SKBS

The wheels carry out a relative movement along the curved tracks particularly during curve runs. This leads to friction between the driving and running surfaces which causes the well-known and extremely disturbing squealing noise. We have developed an effective solution to eliminate the problem. The Rail Head Wetting System SKBS.

Finely dosed lubricant is applied directly on the running surface through special lubrication channels and moisten the tracks precisely at the spot in which the friction and thereby, the highly frequent squealing occurs. In the aftermath thereof, the cross and longitudinal slipping of the wheels that are subjected to less loads becomes noiseless and wearing reduces because groove formation on the running surfaces of the tracks is also prevented in the aftermath of such application.

Driving safety is not impaired by the wetting of the rail head because the integrated safety control system prevents excessive lubrication of the running surfaces. A data recording system records all process data including the amount of grease ejected. The development of the SKBS particularly the determination of the maximum amount of grease at optimal driving safety, is realized with the support of the Municipal Utilities Company of Dortmund (Dortmunder Stadtwerke) DSW21 as well as the Technical Supervisory Authority (TAB) of the municipal administration of Düsseldorf.