The accessories facilitate the realization of the different standards required of fastening and installation variations for the installation core and attached devices.

Solar pedestal

The solar pedestal can take two solar panels, the cable duct is integrated. The pedestal can be fastened to polygon masts of up to a 500 mm width across corners, there are filler elements and adapters for usage on round masts.

Rain sensor

With the rain sensor, the systems are switched off during precipitation and switched on automatically when the weather is dry.

Lightweight concrete base

An installation core in the cabinet model can be installed in a very simple manner (without casting a concrete foundation) on natural ground. The concrete base is placed in a dug pit and the interior area covered again with the dug earth. The connection lines are routed through empty pipes in interior of the base to the cabinet.

Assembly frames

It is suited for setting up the installation core of the cabinet model on any available concrete plate or asphalt surface. Surface unevenness is eliminated by leveling screws.

Assembly pedestal

The installation core of the box model can be placed on natural ground with the table-like pedestal. The pedestal can either be embedded in concrete or hammered into the soil.

Installation base

An installation core in the box model can be placed on a concrete or asphalt plate with the installation base. Special lubrication channels that are connected with the installation core through mini connecting pipes are worked into the track profile for this purpose.