Lubrication paths

The lubrication path must be designed in such a way that a running wheel is evenly equipped as much as possible, in its entire scope, with grease points on the wheel flange radius, wheel back or running surface.

Special lubrication channels that are connected with the installation core through mini-connecting pipes and hose lines, are worked into the rail profile for this purpose.

Inspection boxes, cover plates, connecting and earth boxes are installed to protect lubrication lines as well as to absorb hydraulic and electrical control components. All components are configured to match each other and can be combined for every individual situation.

  • Extremely flat lubrication ridges for check rails and safety rails For industrial application, we offer flat lubrication ridges that are mounted on customary check rail profiles. These strips are particularly suited for usage on longer safety rails as applied in curves.
  • Lubrication paths with inspection boxes