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Switches and curves – these are neuralgic points in rail traffic, they are the points in which the rails, tongues, check rails and wheels suffer immense wearing. Passengers and neighborhoods are also subjected to enormous noise immisions.

Now there are effective solutions: Rail lubrication systems from moklansa. Take a look around, get detailed information and get in touch with us.

  • Universal
    Whether groove or vignol – the systems can be applied in all customary rail profiles and wheel flanges. Exact dosing also enables the ultra-fine moistening of the running surfaces.
  • Economically feasible
    Wearing is reduced through the lubrication of the rail flank with the track lubrication system E3S; that means longer idle times and less maintenance expenditure.
  • Optimally controlled
    A central lubrication technology ensures the same reproducible amount of lubricant – irrespective of the lengths of hoses and temperature fluctuations.
  • Environmentally friendly
    The specially developed lubricant is bio-degradable. It is dosed precisely and economically without soiling the track bed. The wetting of the rail head SKBS mitigates noise exposure and leads to a better quality of life and customer satisfaction.

Rail lubrication systems by moklansa – effective solutions against noise pollution! We are your competent partner for all questions on the topics rail lubrication, driving edge lubricants, underground lift, rail head wetting, rail lubrication systems and mechanical engineering.

The Underground lift … easy maintenance

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Inspection box for the covered area with watertight cover

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